The best you thing can do for your Mother

Earth this season is to blanket her in leaves compost.
Yes. Leave those leaves on the ground. If you must, rake them into a corner of your yard where they can decompose into wonderful, beautiful, carbon-sequestering, compost.
We cannot delay in doing what we can to pull carbon out of the atmosphere and back into the ground.
And please, accept our invitation to join us in the FLOWER POWER SOWING BEE and plant bee friendly seeds and do some additional compost spreading in Alameda County or where ever you live. We accept remote contributions to the effort, send us your location we will put you on the map.
We are now waiting for permission to plant bee friendlies on campus at Laney community college in Oakland and seeking additional private properties and permission to plant throughout Alameda County.
As dates and locations are confirmed they will be posted on our map website at
You may contact us by e-mail at Well, we lost the google phone already belonged to someone else anyway and the bee friendlies we planted at Laney were sprayed with defoliant two weeks later.                             So much for THAT year, the project was joined by the students of the ECO ART class Laney College led by Andree Thompson and Sharon Siskin and project partner, Naomi.

NOW, in 2019, another group is forming and the Ushahidi map and ACBA email will be available for that effort. This has lingered in draft mode for ages, but the energy and need is still there.

I promise a human will call you back as soon as possible.

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