Beekeepings First!

Discover honeybees in Orland, CA

Millions of years ago, the last time carbon dioxide was at the level is today, in the Cenozoic, bees were one of the species figured out how to stay alive in hostile environment and even to thrive. Eons later, humans, after chasing bee colonies around to get a taste of sweet honey, finally started to figure out how to provide artificial environment to keep the bees closer to home.

Orland banner

Now, after a long gestation in an area that is absolutely dependent on the services of honeybee pollination we finally have, California’s first, indeed the nations, first bee keeping Museum. The city of Orland in Glenn County rather suddenly discovered their city was home to a queen rearing and beekeeping industry that supports the pollination of California’s almonds, commercial crops and small scale beekeepers across the state and the USA.

The three principal beekeeping entities that got the little museum off the ground are Koehnans, Olivarez and Heitkams. Other queen rearers and beekeeping companies the northern Sacramento Valley and present a rich resource for endowing the museum  in the future.

Heitkams truck in front

The farm bureau building at 501 Walker, Orland, is a good starting place for this museum which has expansive ideas, as it is shaped like a couple of hive boxes stacked in the middle of downtown Orland.

packed bees tools

The inaugural exhibit illustrates all the tools of beekeeping trade as well as hive products and artwork created by beekeepers, and honey.

DSCF1834A microscope and video screen allow curious viewers to look closer at the little bees and promised to be the center of a lot of the exploration by young museum goers. As of this date an open schedule is not available, but they do have a website and Facebook which you can go to to contact people and learn when the Museum will be open.

While you’re in town, around the corner to the back is a lovely coffee house with “sandwich, bakeries breakfast & brunch” called The OBee Hive, and now includes a flower and gift shop.

Orland is just north of Willows on highway 5.


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