This (Was) a Good Sign….


Parents, teachers and students are asking for an end to pesticide and herbicide use, but it’s hard to say if anyone’s listening. Look at this: the lawn in front of the Berkeley Technical Academy is chock full of bee friendly flowers and broad leaf plants growing above the grass. The bees [honey bees and native bees] are loving it! There are several bee friendly plants in this image; clover, dandelion, barley, and something I don’t know the name of. There is a real diversity in this lawn, all different heights and colors and shapes, much more interesting than 2 ½ inch high grass all the same blade shape, all the same color. Not surprisingly, this floral glory has been mowed down. So much for “Save the Bees City, Berkeley.


Enjoy this before some pool with the mower comes in the and cuts it all away. Now, about the early childhood center around the corner…. Let’s hope the enlightenment shines there too.


Meanwhile, the bees are doing okay, there are lots of floral trees in blossom in this area and I need to go check on the front yard bee gardens to see if the blossoms have adapted to the season as we go into this dry spell of August. There were so many bee gardens this summer I’m sorry I didn’t get around to document all of them, but thank you to everyone out there. Choose love.


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