Flower Power

The Flower Power Sowing Bee of bee-friendly seeds in open spaces will begin again in October 2017. There are additional seeds available if you have a living-room size area you can irrigate to allow late planting of seed, and promise not to use herbicides  pesticides on that plot. Volunteer opportunities for this new kind of planting will also appear on the FlowerPower site.

Many people expressed an interest in helping with this project. Apologies to those who were not contacted as seedable sites were offered and withdrawn. Several sites in north county were touched, their stories have yet to be posted. The Ashby Community Garden gardeners had to drop everything to ensure the continuance of that garden. Community response was amazingly positive and the Gardens will stay!

The original PLAN:DSC03630

In honor of the 100th anniversary the Alameda County Beekeepers Association [ACBA] and to help mitigate the crisis of loss of bees in the County, Alameda County Bee Abundance will sponsor a FLOWER POWER SOWING BEE.

In 2016, we will sow bee-friendly organic flowering seeds for the spring and into the summer on vacant properties throughout the county with owners and County permission of the owners. Working with a coalition of groups, urban gardeners, master gardening clubs, 4-H groups and community associations and using social media with crisis management mapping programming to locate possible sites, lots will be seeded by volunteers.

Each lot will have signage and labeling to educate passersby about bee-friendly plants. Signage also explain that, while it may look wild, it’s a purposeful garden.

To visit and post locations of lots where we can plant flowers, go to our map on Ushahidi. <https://flowerpower.ushahidi.io/views/map&gt; Ushahidi is a free, crowd-sourced mapping platform.