ACBA goes to the PNW


Somebody came by and asked me if I wanted to take a road trip up to Corvallis, Oregon in a new Tesla three, so here I am in Corvallis. But this is about bee abundance, will have to tell you about the road trip some other time, some other place. [It was totally fun.]dscf2128.jpg

This part of Corvallis is very special, it’s near the river, it’s near a park, lots are huge, permaculturalists abound. Last time I was up here, about a year ago, there were very few bees that I saw. This time I’m seeing many native bees and honeybees and they are all very busy. I don’t have any good pictures to share with you, but I want to show you this industrial site which is trying to be considerate of the community.DSCF2134

The only thing I know about the company is they make things out of fiberglass for medical use and other things. The strip in front of their property illustrates the potential for industrial plants to provide pollinator plants.


Looking more closely I could see all of these plants are bee-friendly. Let’s hope they are neonicotinoid-free! Now, if the company in the next block would continue the practice….

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