oh! the bee-zee-ness of it all!

WOW. It has been some year! Not so good on planting flowers, we were offered a space at the local junior college and planted, but before we could put signage up, the landscapers sprayed it with defoliant. The good news is the California poppies survived the spray, the bad news, of course, is nothing else survived  and the poppies were poisoned and I wouldn’t want bees ,to go there anyway.  Well, was a good try.

Lately, I met via the Internet newspaper and telephone calls, a wonderful guy named Gil Patchett.

Gil Patchett has figured out how to grow wildflowers from seed. I have to write more about him after I have physically met him, but, his methodology is to scrape one inch of topsoil and non-native grass seeds off of the area, cover with no more than 2 inches of good soil and then plant in October and November. He says the California native plants have learned to grab on to good soil and grow quickly on top of hard pan as there is not enough moisture for their roots to penetrate deeply. This is a wonderful discovery, because, we no longer have to struggle to break through to loosen the clay, nor do we have to enrich with tons of topsoil, only 2 inches. However, he was quite firm that the seeds need to be planted in October and November.

Gils website is http://www.grassaction.org/  Google his name and El Cerrito and see many stories about his efforts.

I am so grateful to be able to learn from this guy!

Photo taken from: http://richmondstandard.com/2017/05/08/richmond-resident-turns-barren-public-spaces-into-wildflower-oases/  No photographer credit visible!


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