Bees as MUSE Presentation @Ashby Community Gardens August 12, 2017


Bees as MUSE

Artists have always found inspiration in the garden and much of that inspiration comes from the bee.

Join us to learn and discuss some of the many ways the bees have inspired spiritual insight and creativity through the ages at Ashby Community Gardens August 12, 2017 at 6:00PM

Do bees catch your imagination? Are you caught in a creative block? Those fuzzy little ladies of the flower can help you as they have artists for eons. Bees communicate by BEELOVE, humans communicate through visual arts, dance, and music, and yet for millennia there has been a communication between humans and bees. Let us spend an evening in the garden considering the bees and creativity and experience the sweet taste of sunshine and the summer.

Beekeepers are invited to bring samples of their honey to add to the honey tasting experience. Please bring in squeeze bottles that can drop one drop onto a waiting spoon. Bringing your own spoon will bee the best!

Contact me, KO, at ACBA100th@gmail, or through Bonnie at ASHBY COMMUNITY GARDEN,

On Ashby Avenue, “south side” between Mabel and Acton, in Berkeley, CA





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