Announcing a new ally for the FLOWER POWER SOWING BEE!

Photo by: Bonnie Boruki    left; Louis Masai, KO and ..shall we name the BEE?

We invited Louis Masai, an English artist with a mission to shed the light on the plight of endangered species, to Ashby Gardens to paint a Bee on our canopy tent and he did!

You are invited to join this BEE in our goal of stitching together patchwork plots of flowers across Alameda County by planting seeds in November and December to blossom in March and April. We have learned bee diseases are able to cross bee species at the flower when too many different species are vying for the same floral fodder. See our previous post for more details on this project and send us a line and join our effort.

Learn more about Lewis Masai’s work:

Here’s the latest #theartofbeeing mural of the endangered Coho Salmon in Sacramento @baconandbutters and latest blog 

And a story I really like:

He also has a Facebook page, but I don’t do Facebook; I hope you can find if you do.

He and his team have been in the USA for a little over a month installing murals in various places starting in New York City at the invitation of many people who seen his work on Internet. Masai is a thoughtful and purposeful artist who is taking time out of his studio work to do this more public effort on behalf of not only wild things, but humans, as we stand on the shoulders of all other living beings on this planet and need to be mindful of how they support us.

Recent news projecting a loss of 50% of species in the next few years is breath taking. Governments are not going to be able to move as fast as concerted individual effort and this is why we invite you to join us, if only a bee friendly, pollinator friendly, garden on your property. My bee garden took 1/5 the water a lawn requires daily to establish a year-round cover of flowers and soil building plants. There is something magical that happens when you begin to see the soil buildup and blossoms bloom. If there is a competition, it is to see who can maintain flowers throughout the year. Seeds are available. Your pollinator–friendly suggestions are also welcome. Compost may be available as well.. Write us at


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