Soil, Not Oil Conference

Once again, we need to return to the soil and to build and restore the soil. Additionally, we need to contribute to an abundance floral presence for all bees, wild and honey bees to have adequate feeding sources for both pollen and nectar.

Rather than start another urban beehive, it may be easier and just as important, to plant bee and pollinator friendly plants in wide swathes across the urban environment, covering them with organic compost simultaneously stimulating carbon soil sequestration and soil regeneration. John Wick of The Marin Carbon Project has calculated that if we could cover 1/10 of the state of California with 1/2 inch of compost, in 10 years the state would be carbon neutral and the land would be rejuvenated.

Currently, my apologies for late reporting, the Soils Not Oil Conference is happening in Richmond California today and tomorrow.  location map:

It is not too late to go and pay at the door. It was this conference that affirmed my feelings about organic and soil regeneration scientifically, and got me in touch with a growing community of people around the world that have been actively working on the ground for decades to avert the worst case scenario of global climate change. Governments are not going to be able to move as they showed on this issue, individuals have already begun the work that needs to be done. If we’re lucky egos and hidden agendas will be replaced by common sense and concern for the global good and support the efforts already been made before it’s too late.

Learn more online;

The Soil Story is also in Spanish and French.

Something more detailed and scientific;

The Carbon soil cowboys show how they did it:


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