12 Days of Planting

Day ONE:

Setting up the internet interface is frustrating. Too much thinking/typing and not enough doing, so I came up with the idea of the 12 days of Planting from 12/26-1/6 [OK, 11 days…] Waste Management gave me some compost, I bought the last California Wildflower seed from Bio-fuel Oasis, called Bonnie of the Ashby Community Garden and headed on down to the Rotary Nature Center to practice the first day of planting. Khaulo, a rec. aide joined me and Bonnie showed up at bit later as we took out grass and chickweed,leaving lettuce and nettles from the big HEX for 45 minutes. We then seeded and covered the seeds with 1/2″[1cm] of compost. One hour! sweet!

Day TWO:

On my way to work at the Library, I met Bonnie at Ashby Community Garden and seeded the strip in front of the fence at the back of the side walk. I was amazed at the health of the soil; lots of earthworms! Once again, 45 minutes of forking out young weeds and old leaves for a new addition to the compost heap, 15 minutes of seeding , covering with compost and mulching lightly with hay. The sidewalk got wider and Bingo!, right on ASHBY, carbon soil sequestration.


Too Cold. I decided to conquer the internet connectivity. Still working at it.


THIS time I waited for the warm part of the day. So much time was spent on internet stuff, I didn’t have time to call people to come help. The more people who do this, the more Bee fodder there will bee in 2016 as well as reduced carbon in the air. Late afternoon there were more folks walking by, several from out-of-state and a couple of people who had already started bee gardens in their yards and young kids on “Tesla training wheels” or “hoverboards”. One person definitely accomplishes less, especially as there was more lettuce[for the iguana] and nettles to avoid pulling out, but the 45 minutes of preparation and 15 minutes of sowing seems to be the trick!

Day FIVE- tomorrow, 12/30/2015:

JoinMe! 2pm Rotary Nature Center, 600 Belleview, Lake Merritt park. I have latex gloves but you might have something warmer and a favorite hand tool to bring for yourself. MAYBE by day SIX, you can nominate your own space in ALAMEDA COUNTY on the mapping website I am struggling with. the planters at the Rotary Nature Center are really easy to work in because they are raised and you feet and knees stay dry and warm, lots of sides to share with others.

Choose love, see ya,

In honor of the 100th anniversary the Alameda County Beekeepers Association [ACBA] and to help mitigate the crisis of loss of bees in the County, Alameda County Beekeepers Association will sponsor a FLOWER POWER SOWING BEE.

In 2016, we will sow bee-friendly organic flowering seeds for the spring and into the summer on vacant properties throughout the county with owners and County permission of the owners. Working with a coalition of groups, urban gardeners, master gardening clubs, 4-H groups and community associations and using social media with crisis management mapping programming to locate possible sites, lots will be seeded by volunteers.

Each lot will have signage and labeling to educate passersby about bee-friendly plants. Signage also explain that, while it may look wild, it’s a purposeful garden.

To visit and post locations of lots where we can plant flowers, go to our map on Ushahidi. <https://flowerpower.ushahidi.io/views/map&gt; Ushahidi is a free, crowd-sourced mapping platform.


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